Top 6 Best Pickleball Sets in 2022

Pickleball is a game that was invented in the 1960s by a group of dads that was born out of “boredom and ingenuity.” This game utilizes an assortment of equipment and rules to create a hybrid sport that incorporates elements of racquet sports such as tennis, racquetball, and badminton.

Whether you’re a pickleball pro or a beginner player looking to get into the game, we’ve rounded up the very best pickleball sets for 2022. These great eight will offer you everything you need to play pickleball to your heart’s content.

1. Diller Two Player Pack – Best on a Budget

Diller Two Player Pack

It’s hard for the absolute beginner player to find a more all-around ideal pickleball paddle set than the Diller Two Player Pack. The wooden pickleball paddles are made from a seven-ply hardwood, yet their weight is easy enough for a beginner unfamiliar with a pickleball paddle.

The comfortable cushion grips offer some steadiness, but for additional peace of mind to someone new to the game, wrist straps ensure your wood paddle won’t go flying off your hand and over the net along with the balls.

Speaking of balls, the set comes with a set of four lightweight, bright green Jugs pickleballs perfect for indoor use on all kinds of surfaces. This wooden pickleball paddles starter set contains all of the essentials to learn the game’s ins and outs.

2. JP WinLook Pickleball Paddle Set – USAPA-Approved Duo Set

For the more serious player or a beginner who is sincere about racquet sports like Pickleball, JP WinLook Pickleball Paddle Set is an excellent complete set with its own carry bag for a price as competitive as your game. The paddles and balls set include two USAPA standards-approved premium graphite paddles with a polymer honeycomb core, three balls, and a sleek, portable storage bag.

This ranks high on our top recommendations for the best pickleball paddle set and has everything you need to play pickleball indoors or outside.

High-quality graphite paddles with honeycomb polymer core paddle material offer a light paddle weight (7.8 oz) that is durable and feels great. The wide-body offers opportunities for better impact with a vast sweet spot. This kind of balanced control is exactly what to look for in an optimal pickleball paddle.

The ball set design features precisely drilled holes that make the spheres aerodynamic for a perfectly delivered flight path over the net. The balls have a high bounce to spring off any surface, especially when whacked with a good graphite paddle. If your serve is a bit overzealous, not to worry, the high-visibility yellow color makes the balls easy to spot and retrieve.

So if you’re a professional pickleball player, a newbie about to get started playing pickleball, or someone looking to give the gift of fun and fitness to a friend or family member, JP WinLook Pickleball Paddle Set is the perfect all-around choice of a complete pickleball set at a great value.

3. Uteeqe Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set – Best Design

Uteeqe Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set Lightweight Texture Surface Polymer Honeycomb Core

For a seasoned player looking for a graphite paddle set that brings your pickleball game to the next level, look no further than Uteeqe Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set. Sending the balls flying over the net with precision and fluidity is a cinch with these paddles.

The comprehensive paddle set comes with a pair of high-performance paddles, balls, and a sleekly-designed carry bag for active folks on the go. The price is great for one of the best sets on the market, which boasts that you won’t want to use any other pickleball paddle or balls again!

Many high-quality paddles are made with a graphite face. The lighter weight (slightly under 7.8 oz) is just right for giving the pickleball balls a powerful yet controlled whack thanks to the textured surface with a large sweet spot and the honeycomb polymer core.

One of the paddles’ best features is the stitched contour grip that makes the paddle so easy to hold on to that there’s no need for wrist straps. This chic paddles and balls set is well-priced so you can enjoy playing pickleball in style without breaking the bank.

4. Senston Graphite Pickleball Paddles Set – Best for Doubles

Senston Graphite Pickleball Equipment Set

Another smart option for pickleball paddle sets that can accommodate a family of four or two pairs of pickleball players for doubles is Senston Graphite Paddles Pickleball Set. This starter set is an investment well worth the price to take up an activity that your friends and family can enjoy together.

The set comes with two pairs of graphite face paddles with a polymer core in steel blue and aquamarine with four bright white pickleball balls.

Graphite paddles are made from materials that are noticeably lighter than a wood paddle. These pickleball paddles also offer a perforated, sweat-absorbent grip to minimize slips and allow for quick hand changes.

The paddle material’s lightness that combines a graphite face with a springy honeycomb polymer core enables more power and control for dinks, lobs, and volleys. The ball set of four balls features a super-lightweight open design that allows pickleballs to go soaring through the air.

With a handy carry bag included in the set, the Senston Graphite Paddles Pickleball Set is a high-quality, complete set that gives your family or group of friends everything you need to get started.

5. Franklin Sports Set (Half Court Size) – Budget Option W/Net

Franklin Sports Half Court Size Pickleball Net by Franklin Pickleball

If the commitment to all of that pickleball equipment feels a bit intimidating or don’t have the space, an excellent option for those who need a complete pickleball set with a net is paddles and balls should choose Franklin Sports Pickleball Half Court Size Pickleball Net.

The pickleball set comes with a pair of wood paddles, balls that are USAPA-approved, and a pickleball net, all at an unbeatable price. The pickleball net is a half-court size (10 feet), so it is ideal for training and practicing purposes when you get started so that you’ll be prepared for a full pickleball court-size net when the opportunity arises.

Franklin Sports’ compact pickleball net system is sturdy and easy to assemble, break down, and store when not used. It’s one of the best pickleball sets around that’s perfect for couples or roommates who don’t have a lot of space (indoors or outdoors) but want a fun way to stay fit and get their game on.

6. Pickle-Ball, Inc. Diller Tournament Set – Best Full Doubles Set

Pickle-Ball, Inc. Pickleball Diller Tournament Net Set

Pickle-Ball, Inc. Pickleball Diller Tournament Net Set is one of the very best pickleball sets for multiple reasons, and the top is its versatility. It’s an amazing starter set and works well for a serious pickleball player who wants a complete pickleball set that’s flexible and won’t take up too much room. Its price falls between our other recommendations in terms of financial investment.

The set contains everything you need for a pickleball game — four Diller wooden paddles, balls, a storage bag with pockets to hold the paddles and balls. There’s even a handy book with rules and instructions to play pickleball, so the pickleball set is a great gift for anyone you want to introduce to the game (including yourself!).

Setting up is a breeze with the metal frame that snaps together and net tension straps to hold everything tightly in place. And speaking of breezes, the sturdy net system design offers stability even in windy conditions for outdoor pickleball games.

We can’t say the same for the pickleball balls; you might have to chase after them if playing on a particularly blustery day. Fortunately, the Tournament Net Set is a complete pickleball set that works just as well indoors.

Honorable Mentions

While the above mentioned are our top choices for a beginner player, there are plenty of other paddles and pickleball sets that are also strong contenders. Rally Meister Pickleball paddles set come with a bundle of two wood pickleball paddles (remember that wood is quality paddle material for newbies to partner sports) and four balls.

Amazin Aces pickleball paddle set is another excellent option for beginners.

Pickleball Set Buying Considerations

boy playing pickleball with a paddle, ball and net

The best pickleball sets for city-dwellers vary greatly from pickleball players who live in the suburbs or have a big backyard. You’ll also want to consider the level of investment.

Any of these factors can sway your priorities in choosing the best pickleball set or pickleball paddle set, but we’ve got some helpful guidelines to consider.

What Do You Need in a Pickleball Set?

The best pickleball set or pickleball paddle set for you will depend a lot on skill level and expertise, but also on other stuff like if you and the other players have access to a pickleball court or not. If you don’t have regular or convenient access to a court, getting your own pickleball net is crucial.

If you’re sincere about the game, you’ll want to understand the USAPA standards for court dimensions and the rules and regulations for the net to ensure it’s up to par with the best pickleball sports practices.

Those who do have access to a court are all about choosing the right pickleball paddle set. It’s completely up to your preference to use wooden paddles or pickleball paddles made of a combination of materials with less weight, like a graphite paddle with a polymer honeycomb core.

Don’t forget the balls! Most pickleball balls are pretty standard with the open-air holes and aerodynamic design, but they vary in color, size, and shape and can be better suited for indoor or outdoor play.


Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle Review Thumbnail

Your pickleball paddle is an extension of your arm, so you need to feel comfortable with it to guarantee split-second reaction time to volley the pickleball when it comes soaring over the net. The build, quality, and materials used are all important factors to keep in mind.

Several of the best pickleball paddles and pickleball sets features on this list that come highly recommended by all pickleball pros are made of thin graphite with a honeycomb polymer core.

The extremely light paddle weight is the biggest bonus, but the controlled spring that occurs when the pickleball bounces off of a paddle of that material is another important benefit. The lightweight paddle offers a pretty intense impact that can send the pickleball over the net with your partner (or opponent) scrambling to send it back.

Those are the upsides of that kind of paddle, though wood pickleball paddles need not be dismissed. Wood paddles are a perfectly fine choice and can even be more forgiving for beginners new to playing pickleball.

Like almost anything, when choosing a pickleball paddle set, trying out a variety of pickleball paddles yourself is the best bet to know if it feels right in your hands, has a good solid grip, and offers a sense of ease and assuredness that is of the utmost importance when playing pickleball. Would you choose a car without giving it a test drive first?


Dura Fast 40 yellow pickleball

Like many sports, pickleball is a game that revolves around balls and how they are manipulated to achieve a particular goal. Pickleball balls are unique and distinctive to the relatively young pickleball sport as a football or basketball is to its respective sport. Not just any ball will do, and if you want your balls to whiz through the air and over the net, knowing how to spot the right kind will serve you well (pun intended!).

The pickleball ball’s typical look is a sphere made of an extremely light (weight of 22 grams by USAPA standard) yet durable brightly-colored hollow plastic with holes around the full circumference. The ball boasts a high bounce (30-34 inches when dropped from a hard surface), which is also what allows the balls to spring off of your pickleball paddle with such speed and dynamism.

Balls can fall into two categories — indoor, outdoor, or both. They may look very similar, and it doesn’t matter too much for casual playing and training. However, for players who care about improving their performance, or professionals and semi-pros, it’s important to understand the subtle differences.

Generally, outdoor balls are a bit thicker to withstand wind resistance while still retaining lightness to carry them over the net with ease and protect the rather delicate balls from the harshness of the elements that will wear the material. The holes are also slightly larger to allow the balls to navigate the wind.

Indoor balls tend to be thinner and lighter, even if it is hardly perceptible to the naked eye. Their holes are also a fraction smaller because they aren’t tasked with competing with nature’s unpredictable elements.

Most pickleball sets come with balls included. But another feature of pickleball balls and pickleball equipment, in general, is that they aren’t too expensive, and there’s not a lot to buy (think of the gear involved in other sports), typically just a set of pickleball paddles and a net if needed. So owning several sets of a variety of indoor and outdoor pickleball balls is hardly going to break the bank.


Pickleball net

As with many other racquet sports, pickleball requires a specific pickleball net as part of the game’s rules. However, your ability to access an actual pickleball court with a net and the amount of space you can devote to your pickleball practice will influence your plans to purchase a net and which kind to go for.

A net that meets the USAPA requirements is at least 20-22 feet wide, 36 inches high (34 inches at the center), and made of mesh small enough that the pickleball won’t pass through it. Most nets have an adjustable center strap because of its length, so the height in the middle may vary a bit.

Tension straps with a buckle system are important features to ensure the net doesn’t droop. Many are made of metal bases, and some contain powder-coated steel, which offers excellent protection from the elements if you plan to leave your net outdoors.

Some net bases require being filled with water or sand to weigh them down, while others feature a more modern push-button locking system.

If you have 20 feet to spare, by all means, go for the proper USAPA regulation standard net. Still, pickleball fans without a sprawling space need not be discouraged; there are plenty of options of portable net sets that can fit in a storage bag and be stowed away during winter months or when the pickleball set is not in use.

Verus Sports offers other quality full-court options that we can recommend in addition to those that made the ultimate best pickleball sets final cut. There are even half-court size options like the Franklin Sports Pickleball Half Court Size Pickleball Net we mention in this list.

How Much Does a Pickleball Set Cost?

The cost of a pickleball set, like anything, can vary depending on what you are looking for and how committed you. Other factors such as if you have access to a pickleball court or not, how much space you have and your level of skill will determine your purchasing needs. The best pickleball sets mentioned here vary from under $30 to as much as $1300 at full price.

Paddles and balls made exclusively for playing pickleball will be your top priority purchase. The paddles and paddle sets (most of which include balls, which are rather inexpensive anyhow) range from $25-$65 for a pair, with the wooden pickleball paddles being about half the price, on average for paddles made of graphite. A pack of four for doubles can typically run around $130-$150.

A full pickleball set with paddles, balls, a net, and other equipment can range between $40-$60 for the easiest assembly, to $1000-$1300 for the most deluxe, professional-quality all-inclusive home court. Landing somewhere in the middle are sets like the Pickle-Ball, Inc. Pickleball Diller Tournament Net Set, which costs around $250, or the Verus Sports pickleball sets for around the same cost.

Where To Buy Pickleball Sets

pickleball set of two paddles and two balls laid out on a pickleball court

Are you thoroughly convinced to join the bandwagon and take up pickleball, the fastest growing sport in the USA? Or perhaps you have already fallen in love with the sport and want to get the best pickleball set as a gift, or you’re seeking pickleball paddles that will offer an extra edge? Maybe you’ve been enjoying the game of pickleball for a while now and are finally ready to commit to a net of your own?

Whichever category you fall under, this list offers all of the best pickleball set options currently on the market for a vast array of players at all skill and interest levels. We hope you find the best pickleball and paddle sets to suit your needs and desires from our carefully considered choices and enjoy hours of pure pickleball joy!