We’ve compiled a list of our top Pickleball tips & strategy for improving your game. Check them out below!

Pickleball Tips For Beginners

      1. Pickleball is a game of patience – the key is to keep the ball in play and force your opponents to make mistakes.
      2. Use topspin and backspin to control the pace of the game and keep your opponents guessing.
      3. When returning serves, aim for the middle of the court – this will give you the best chance of making a successful return.
      4. Volleys are an important part of pickleball – practice your volleying skills so that you can put away the easy points.
      5. When playing doubles, always communicate with your partner and make sure you are both on the same page.
      6. Avoid going for the big shots all the time – pick your moments and make sure you have a high percentage chance of winning the point before going for it.
      7. Use the kitchen aggressively – this is one of the best ways to win points in pickleball.
      8. Have a pre-shot routine and stick to it – this will help you focus and make sure you are in the right frame of mind before hitting the ball.
      9. Take some time to practice your pickleball strokes – the more consistent you are, the better your results will be.
      10. If you are ever in doubt, ask a more experienced player for advice – they will be more than happy to help you out and improve your game.
      11. There are a lot of different pickleball strokes and techniques out there – experiment and find the ones that work best for you.
      12. Use the correct pickleball ball for the surface you are playing on – this will make a big difference to the way the game is played.
      13. When serving, always try to mix up your serves – this will make it more difficult for your opponents to return.
      14. When playing singles, always be aware of where your opponents are on the court – this will help you make better decisions and win more points.
      15. Be prepared to make adjustments during a match – the conditions, your opponents, and your own form can all change during a pickleball game, so be ready to adapt.
      16. Use practice sessions to try out new things and experiment with your game – you never know, you might just find a new stroke or tactic that takes your game to the next level.
      17. Pickleball is a mental game as well as a physical one – make sure you are in the right mindset before starting a match, and stay focused throughout.
      18. Select the paddle that fits your playing style. If you are an aggressive player, look for a paddle with more power. If you want more control, look for a lighter paddle.
      19. If you want to improve your pickleball game, start by working on your footwork – it is the foundation of everything else.
      20. Have fun! – At the end of the day, pickleball is a game and it should be enjoyed. Yes, winning is important, but if you’re not having fun then what’s the point?

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