In the world of sports, there are often superstar players who seem like naturals. For the sport of pickleball, that person is Tyson McGuffin. At only 31 years old, he has become a top-ranked pickleball player and is an easily recognizable personality both on and off the court. He has become “the face of pickleball” and strives to share his expertise with other players through his outstanding camps. Take a look at this dynamic athlete and what his pickleball camp can offer both the novice and the expert player.

Who Is Tyson McGuffin?

From wrestling to tennis to pickleball, Tyson has been an active athlete since he was very young. He is a top-ranked pickleball player and enjoys teaching others how to play the sport as well. He not only has athletes in his family tree but coaches as well. With genetics and an upbringing like that, he has an innate ability to be both a player and a coach.

Off the court, he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. They make pickleball a family affair. McGuffin shows his intensity both on and off the court. He has worked hard at learning the sport of pickleball inside and out and loves sharing his passion for it with others.


While growing up in Lake Chelan, Washington, as the youngest of seven, little Tyson had a natural passion for wrestling. It was in his blood. His father was a high school wrestling coach, so that was the sport Tyson participated in during his childhood and high school years. His brothers also became passionate about the sport of wrestling as well, with one brother coaching his high school wrestling team senior year.


When Tyson McGuffin was a junior in high school, he found a new passion and zeal in tennis. In fact, when offered a wrestling scholarship, he declined it in favor of pursuing tennis instead. He played tennis professionally throughout junior college and afterwards became a tennis coach to utilize what he learned to help others. It was his love of tennis that made him hesitant about pickleball at first. Why learn a new sport when he was already so good at one he loved?


One day, while still in his prime with tennis, Tyson was invited to a local YMCA to learn pickleball. It took some persistence from a friend before he finally agreed. He thought it was a silly sport at first and didn’t want to play it. However, once he tried, he was quick to pick up on the basics. Six months after that first fateful day, he was beating some of the top contenders in the world. Now he is winning pickleball tournaments, both in singles and doubles, and teaching others how to master the sport as well.

What Is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a distinctive sport that combines tennis, ping-pong, and badminton. It was created in 1965 and has grown to exponential proportions since. Tyson McGuffin had a successful background in tennis before beginning to learn pickleball, but he still needed to work hard at learning it because of some key differences.


Instead of the crosshatching of a tennis racket, pickleball is played with a solid paddle. When the sport first began, players would use ping-pong paddles as their rackets. Now there are many different versions and styles of paddles sold just for pickleball.


A pickleball court is much smaller than a tennis court. The narrow boundaries make a shorter net necessary as well. If you are learning to play pickleball on an ordinary tennis court, you’ll have to mark the boundaries to fit the correct size. There are many helpful articles if you are looking to build your own pickleball court.


A pickleball is much lighter than a tennis ball. It is similar to a Wiffle ball but usually made in bright colors. It does not bounce as high as a tennis ball, but the movement through the air is smoother.

Tyson McGuffin had to adjust to these and many other differences when he went from playing tennis to playing pickleball. He had to learn to slow down his movements and not power through all his hits as he was used to doing in tennis. With the help of a coach, he was able to master this new sport and find an excellent partner to learn the sport in both singles and doubles games.

Should I Go to Pickleball Camp?

From beginners to experts, people are wanting to learn how to play pickleball in higher numbers than ever. One of the quickest ways of learning is to go to a pickleball camp. These are usually one- to three-day intensive camps that teach players based on experience and familiarity with the sport. If you’re a beginner, you won’t have to worry about looking like a newbie because you will be in a class filled with newbies! Conversely, you won’t have to learn the basics again if you are ready for a challenge.

Along with the many adults looking for a new way to stay fit and active, schools are also introducing pickleball camps for their students. Young and old alike are falling in love with this sport and wanting to learn how to become better players. This is a sport that appeals to many different people and has a place for you to learn more as well.

What Valuable Things Can You Learn From Tyson McGuffin and His Pickleball Camps?

Key components of the TM Pickleball camps are:

  • Teacher-to-student ratio of 8:1
  • Players grouped based on level of play
  • 6 total hours of instruction each day of the camp
  • 1- or 2-day camps available
  • Q&A dinner with pro players
  • IPTPA/PPR Certified

When you are looking for the right pickleball camp to attend, consider the instructor and special qualities of the camp you are viewing. With a Tyson McGuffin camp, you know that the teacher has considerable knowledge and experience in pickleball. If you have more questions about the sport of pickleball, camps to attend, or famous players, you can contact us for more information.