Pickleball is a game that has been gaining popularity over the years. Whether playing professionally or for fun, having a good paddle can make a significant difference in a player’s success. In this review, we will look at the Head Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle, a popular choice among players of all skill levels.

Quick Overview of the Brand

Head is a well-known brand in the sports industry, manufacturing high-quality equipment that is durable and efficient. The company has earned its reputation by producing premium products that are trusted by many professional players. The Head Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle is among their most impressive products and is worth considering.


The Head Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle is a popular paddle that can be used by both beginners and professionals. It boasts a dynamic power shape that provides a larger sweet spot and a thick OTC honeycomb core that offers advanced control.


  • Item Weight: 14 grams
  • Brand: Head
  • Grip size: 4 ¼ inches
  • Material: Polymer
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Sports type: Pickleball



The Radical Elite paddle has a lightweight fiberglass finish that is durable and lightweight. This feature provides a comfortable feel and ample power for a competitive player.

Enhanced Grip

The paddle uses HEAD’s ergo grip technology to provide an enhanced and comfortable feel. Its innovative ergonomic form handle gives additional grip, comfort, and incredible feel while improving the grip on the handle giving excellent handling.

Optimized Core

The radical Elite uses HEAD’s innovative Optimized Tubular Construction technology to produce an advanced core. The polypropylene honeycomb core creates a comfortable feel, increased playability, and adaptation to every level of play. It enhances the maneuverability of the paddle, enabling players to have accurate shots.

Composite Hitting Surface

The radical Elite features the Composite Hitting Surface by HEAD to provide absolute power for every level of play. This revolutionary surface also provides enhanced comfort upon impact for better playability. It gives every player comfortable control of their shot, availing sufficient power while at the same time making it very comfortable.

Power and Speed

Head focused on speed and power in the manufacture of the Radical Elite Paddle, making it a top preference for many players. The lightweight fiberglass hitting surface and thick core help a player control where to place the ball while providing power for the swing.

Dynamic Shape

The Radical Elite has a dynamic power shape that provides a large sweet spot and a thick core using the Optimized Tubular Construction technology to improve playability. It provides excellent power for any player and enables the player to maintain control of the shot. It makes the paddle suitable for both professional players and beginners.

What We Like


The paddle-hitting surface fiberglass design coupled with the thick core provides ample power to the shot while providing control to the player. The Optimized Tubular Construction hitting surface provides a perfect foundation for a touch game and excellent spin.


The fiberglass finish used on the hitting surface of the paddle is very durable and of high quality. A player can have confidence in the paddle’s performance for the longest time with top performance.


The Head paid detailed attention to the aesthetic design of this paddle. Hence, the paddle has an elegant and pleasant design. The dynamic power shape is not only efficient but also very appealing.

Large Sweet Spot

The paddle has a large sweet spot due to its dynamic power shape, which reduces mishits and increases the accuracy of every player.

What We Don’t Like

Reduced Impact Absorption

Due to the paddle’s lightweight nature, it might not provide enough vibration damping.

Grip Size

Another potential downside to the Head Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle is the grip size, which may not be suitable for players with larger hands. The 4 1/4 inch grip size may feel too small and uncomfortable for some players, leading to decreased performance and potentially even injury.

Despite these potential downsides, the Head Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle is still a highly recommended choice for players of all levels. Its lightweight, durable design and innovative features make it a top-performing paddle that can help players take their game to the next level.

Final Thoughts

The Head Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle is one of the best options available in the market. It offers a great combination of power, control, and comfort, making it suitable for both beginner and professional players.

With the paddle’s advanced features, including a dynamic power shape, thicker Optimized Tubular Construction core, and enhanced grip, players can expect accurate shots, increased playability, and maneuverability. Moreover, the paddle’s lightweight fiberglass design offers sufficient power and a great feel to ensure an enjoyable playing experience.

The Head brand has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality and durable equipment, and the Radical Elite Pickleball paddle is no exception. The fiberglass finish used on the paddle’s hitting surface is long-lasting, making it a reliable investment for players of all skill levels.

While the paddle’s lightweight design might not provide enough vibration dampening and impact absorption as some other models, it’s still an excellent option for players looking for a well-rounded paddle with exceptional features.

Overall, the Head Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle is a top pick among players looking for a reliable, high-performing, and stylish paddle. So, if you’re looking for a paddle that can take your pickleball game to the next level, the Head Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle is undoubtedly worth considering.