Pickleball is a sport that is a mix of badminton, ping-pong and tennis. It is easy to learn and people of all ages like playing it. You don’t need much equipment to play, but you do need a quality paddle. The best pickleball paddles for beginners are inexpensive enough to accommodate new players trying out the sport. In addition, these paddles have enough quality to still be useful as players increase in skill.

best pickleball paddles for beginners

6 Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

If you’re not sure how often you’ll play pickleball or if you’re just trying it out, an inexpensive paddle is probably a good choice. However, if you’ve played before and you’re ready to buy a better quality paddle, something in the intermediate range is probably a better option for you.

Best Budget Picks

These paddles are not the best that you can buy; however, they are also not cheaply made and will not fall apart or make your playing experience unpleasant.

1. Upstreet Pickleball Paddle

This graphite paddle is USA Pickleball Association approved for tournament play, comes with a neoprene paddle cover and features a modern black and white monochrome design. It weighs 8.6 ounces and the core is constructed from polypropylene honeycomb composite. It measures 15.75 inches by 7.75 inches and has a 4.5-inch grip size.

The Upstreet Pickleball paddle currently sells for less than $40, placing it in the middle of the best pickleball paddles pack. The polymer honeycomb core provides additional power and excellent ball control, which is ideal for new players who have not yet developed a style that favors either power or finesse, and isn’t as loud or hard as paddles with aluminum cores.

If you are playing in a community that restricts pickleball noise, a quieter paddle is a good choice. The cushioned grip makes the paddle comfortable to use and absorbs sweat so you don’t drop your paddle during play.

2. Amazin’ Aces Graphite Pickleball Paddle

This budget pick meets USAPA specifications, currently retails for less than $35, comes with a one-year warranty and features a polypropylene honeycomb core and graphite paddle face. These paddles weigh between 7.8 oz and 8.2 oz and have a 4.75-inch grip size.

The face measures 16.38 inches by 8.66 inches. This paddle offers a balance of power and control that makes it well-suited to beginner players. The Amazin Aces paddle has a generous sweet spot makes it easier for new players to land a good shot.


3. Rally Meister Wooden Paddle

Wood paddles are one of the best pickleball paddles for bargain hunters because of their low price point but can be heavy and difficult to grip because the grip on many inexpensive wood paddles is just tape wrapped around wood. At 10 ounces, this paddle is one of the lighter wood models on the market. The Rally Meister features a cushioned, 4.25-inch grip for comfort and control.

It measures 15.5 inches by 7 inches. The face is constructed from durable seven-ply white maple. This paddle currently sells for less than $25, meets USAPA specifications and comes with a one-year warranty.


Best Pickleball Paddles for Advanced Beginners

If you are ready to step up from your budget paddle or want to start with a higher-quality paddle that you can keep using as you improve, these moderately priced picks are all good choices:

1. Paddletek Phoenix G6

 The textured poly-carbonate surface and large sweet spot of this paddle help you control the spin on your shots, and the polypropylene honeycomb core adds power. At 7.5 ounces to 7.8 ounces, the paddle is reasonably comfortable for players who do not have wrist problems. The face measures 15.5 inches by 7.75 inches and the grip is 5 inches. These paddles are known for durability and this model comes with a one-year warranty.

Paddletek paddles are among the best pickleball paddles for beginners because they are designed to be forgiving without sacrificing performance. The Paddletek Phoenix G6 paddle’s current retail price is just under $70, making it about twice as expensive as a budget pick but still a reasonable investment for new players seeking a higher-quality starter paddle.


2. Head Radical Elite

 This lightweight fiberglass paddle retails at just under $60. The smooth surface provides plenty of power but not as much spin control. It features a polypropylene honeycomb core and an ergonomically designed grip for improved touch and less vibration. It weighs 8.1 oz and is 16 inches by 7.9 inches in width.

The Head Radical Elite‘s unique shape of the paddle face provides a large sweet spot, while the thick core increases playability. The fiberglass surface is extremely durable, making this paddle a good choice for players who play often. However, there is no warranty on this model.

3. Champion Graphite X

 At almost $90, this paddle is the most expensive of the best pickleball paddles for beginners. This graphite paddle features a traditional shape and moderate weight designed to give players enhanced ball control, extra spin and lots of pop. The thick core dampens sound and vibration.

The Champion Graphite X paddle is a good choice for players who want a paddle that can handle any play conditions and prefer a balanced style of play. The plush high tack grip is slender for quick maneuvering while being soft enough to dampen the impact of the ball.

The paddle face is made from textured graphite, while the 0.5-inch thick core is polymer honeycomb. It weighs between 7.6 oz and 8.0 oz and measures at 15.625 inches by 8.125 inches. The grip circumference is 4.25 inches.

This durable paddle comes with a one-year warranty. It is USAPA tested and approved and is certified by the International Federation of Pickleball for IFP tournament play.


If you are interested in playing pickleball, then you need a pickleball paddle. Paddles for beginners are relatively inexpensive and can be a great way to get out to your local court and play a pick up pickleball game. Don’t be intimidated if you hear a bunch of pickleball terms that you are unfamiliar with. You will learn the lingo the more you play.  If you enjoyed this article and are interested in learning more about pickleball tips, then check out Pickleball Insiders to learn more about all things pickleball.