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    Getting Started

    If you want to try your hand at Pickleball for the first time, but aren’t sure where to get started the great news is that Pickleball is a very accessible and affordable sport to play. Below you will find our top resource for each level of player. Choose according to your skill level.


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    What is Pickleball?

    After years of playing other racket sports, we’ve fallen in love with pickleball and created this site to cover everything related to the sport. Whether you are here to just find out what this funny-sounding game is all about or are an experienced player looking for more advanced pickleball tips or gear reviews, we’ve got something for you.

    If you are just hearing about pickleball for the first time you may want to start with our article on the history of pickleball or you may be wondering how it got such a funny name.

    Pickleball is gaining popularity so quickly ( it’s often referred to as the fastest growing sport in the US ) that we get lots of questions from new readers about the basics, so we put together this Pickleball FAQ with answers to dozens of common questions and continue to update it with new info. If you don’t find your answer, please send us your questions.

    Apart from being easy and affordable to get started, many people are enjoying pickleball because it’s a very social and welcoming game. With courts popping up all over the country and other parts of the world, the sport continues to build momentum.

    Many cities that have under-utilized courts are converting them to pickleball with the rise in demand. Seniors are flocking to the sport as it is less physically demanding than tennis but still offers a great way to stay active. However, pickleball is by no means just an idle sport nor one limited to retirement communities. The sport is growing across all regions and demographics. The USAPA Junior Pickleball Association was recently founded to support young players.

    There is also an active tournament circuit with competitions in almost every local community and larger national tournaments that are now covered on live television with large cash prizes and professional players that have company sponsors.

    Pickleball has also become a way for many people to keep active and play sports into their later life, with several articles being written lately on the mental and physical benefits of the sport.

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